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Please contact Mark for a full list of his available instruments or to discuss a specific commission.

Viola scroll by Mark Jennings. Viola based on Andrea Guarneri 1676.
Baroque violin by Mark Jennings. Guarneri pattern. Boxwood fittings
Mark Jennings Cello based on Stradivari. Arching with thumb planes.  Maple back with a fine but strong flame.

Mark's instruments can be viewed and taken on approval from his workshop.

Alternatively :-


Directly from Mark on his frequent trips around the UK

Bishop Instruments and Bows

Bridgewood And Neitzert



Mark exhibits his work twice a year at the International Musicians Seminar, Prussia Cove,

and at The British Violin Makers Association, Makers Day Exhibition, London.

If you have questions concerning any aspect of Mark's work please feel free to contact him.

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